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The new 6-hr ISCA E-Learning Package Renew! provides you with affordability, convenience and seamless learning environments to support your learning journey.



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In today’s increasingly competitive and evolving landscape, it is imperative that Accounting and Finance professionals upskill and reskill themselves to keep pace with the changes and stay relevant in the workforce today. Hop onto the latest workplace learning trend and acquire new skills through our new e-learning package.

The new 6-hr ISCA E-Learning Package Renew! provides you with affordability, convenience and seamless learning environments to support your learning journey. Created by subject matter experts, these online courses are designed to meet the learning needs of accounting and finance professionals.

At only $186 (before GST) for ISCA members and  $223.20 (before GST) for non-members, you will get 6-CPE hours of e-learning organised in a single purchase. Select from the list available for you.

Get the most out of your time spent via e-learning today! Enjoy learning on-the-go, or from the comfort of your own home!

Member rate: $186 (before GST)
Non Member rate: $223.20 (before GST)


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Financial Reporting & Analysis
A001i: Accounting for Leases Under FRS 116 1.0
BF001i: Introduction to Sustainability 1.5
BF002i: Overview of Business Valuation for Financial Reporting 2.0
BF007i: Financial Statement Analysis  1.0
BF008i: Sustainability Reporting New 1.5
TECH069i: Insights into Accounting for COVID-19 Government Relief Measures New 1.0
ADT002i: Group Audits: Module 1 – Planning (Part 1) 1.5
ADT003i: Group Audits: Module 2 – Planning (Part 2) New 1.0
ADT004i: Group Audits: Module 3 – Planning (Part 3) New 1.5
ADT005i: Group Audits: Module 4 – Execution New 1.5
ADT006i: Group Audits: Module 5 – Completion New 2.0
ADT007i: Group Audits: Module 6 – Common Issues New 1.5
TECH070i: Insights into Auditing amidst COVID-19 New 1.0
Ethics & Professionalism
E004i: Ethics & Integrity 2.5
E005i: Ethics & Professionalism: Relevance of Ethics Pronouncement 100 to Professional Accountants New 2.0
E008i: Ethics Pronouncement 200: An Overview 2.5
E009i: Fraud Investigation of Asset Misappropriation Scheme 2.0
E010i: Ethics & Transfer Pricing: Doing the Right Thing 2.5
E011i: Ethical Dilemmas & Decision Making 1.5
E012i: Speaking Up, Raising Concerns & Whistleblowing 2.0
E013i: Ethical Use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence New 1,5
Risk Management
RM001i: Managing Risk in a Digital World 1.5
RM002i: Enterprise Risk Management New 1.5
Internal Control & Governance
IA001i: Raising the Value of Internal Auditing with Data Analytics 2.0
BF006i: Corporate Governance and Control New 1.5
Corporate Finance
BF003i: Mergers and Acquisitions  1.5
BF004i: Working Capital and Treasury Management  2.0
BF005i: Capital Planning New 1.0
Digital & Technology
DGT001i: Financial Modelling to Support Business Decision-Making 2.5
DGT002i: Financial Modelling  1.5
DGT003i: Data Analytics Made Easy  1.0
DGT004i: Digital transformation and finance functions in ASEAN New 1.5
Taxation & Law
TAX001i: Transfer Pricing Primer 1.5
TAX002i: Singapore Tax 1.0
TAX003i: Taxation for Accountants New 2.0
LS001i: Singapore Company Law 1.0
TAX2021i: ISCA Budget Update 2021 (Live Webinar) New
Leadership & Personal Development
MP001i: Effective Leadership in Practice 1.5
MP002i: Marketing Fundamentals for Accounting Firms 1.5
MP003i: Business Advisory Success 1.5
MP004i: Finance Business Partnering 1.0
MP005i: Sceptical Mindset for Accountants 1.0
MP006i: Effective Delegation and Feedback 1.5
MP007i: Effective On-The-Job Coaching 1.0
MP008i: Effective Conflict Management 1.0