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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) refers to learning activities that develop and maintain professional competence to enable professional accountants to continue to perform their roles competently. Scroll down to view upcoming CPE courses, latest events and Specialisation Certification & Qualification.

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Specialisation Certification/Qualification

ISCA aims to provide access to a wide range of specialisation pathways that are valued by employers and businesses. The objective is to provide pathways to other valuable professional qualifications and widen ambit of profession with appropriate pathways to ISCA memberships at different levels.


ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting (FFA) Qualification

Developed by ISCA in collaboration with industry experts to shore up capabilities in the financial forensics field, the ISCA FFA Qualification features practical workshops delivered by KPMG Singapore. Graduates who possess the relevant work experience can attain the ISCA Financial Forensic Professional (FFP) credential.

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ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Qualification (ISCA IPFQ)

Supported by Infrastructure Asia, the ISCA IPFQ provides structured training, through workshops delivered by EY Singapore, on key infrastructure and project finance topics with a focus on ASEAN case studies. Graduates who possess the relevant work experience will attain the ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) credential.

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ISCA-SUSS Business Analytics Certification Programme

The ISCA-SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) Business Analytics Certification Programme allows individuals to future proof and deepen their skill sets in data analytics. The certification programme allows individuals to have the flexibility to complete the courses at their own pace, by module or by certificates.

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