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Keep up to date with the latest in technological developments, economic conditions and fulfil your CPE requirements. Choose from various categories of more than 400 programmes we have to offer.

ISCA Small-and-Medium-sized Practices Learning Roadmap (ISCA SMP LRM)

The SMP LRM seeks to fulfill the professional development training needs of audit professionals in SMPs to equip them with the right skill sets by recommending relevant learning opportunities.

ISCA Professional Accountants in Business Learning Roadmap (ISCA PAIB LRM)

The PAIB LRM is designed to help FAs and MAs better understand the different skills they require to carry out their respective roles and responsibilities.

Digital Learning Guide

This Digital Learning Guide aims to provide guidance on selection of ISCA’s digital related courses to support you and your organisations in the digital transformation journey based on some of the roles you are taking on.

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Diverse courses which are led by accredited, highly experienced and engaging industry trainers

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Broaden your knowledge and stay relevant in a constantly changing business environment



Identify competency gaps and assess the relevant training opportunities to fulfill professional development training needs

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Check out our list of new courses to learn the latest business trends from leading trainers.

CPE Course Catalogue

Catalogue is updated monthly to show you course offerings by ISCA CPE available for the next 3 months.

Training Calendar

An overview of courses available via monthly calendar view

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Fulfill your Accountancy professional training needs with ISCA

Chart your finance team’s professional learning journey by leveraging on the Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Framework and Learning Roadmap (LRM) developed by ISCA. The LRM seeks to fulfill their professional development training needs and equip them with the right skill sets by recommending relevant learning opportunities.

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