Members in Business

Curated specially for the accountants in business including both the public and private sector


Seeking help from a PA firm?

Looking for an auditor or tax accountant for your company? The ISCA directory features a list of Chartered Accountants providing a whole range of professional services.

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Insights in Business

Keep updated with the latest business insights and thought leadership from industry leaders and professionals.

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Training activities

Stay equipped with updated through continuous and live long learning

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Peer-to-Peer Networking

Leverage your membership to stay connected to other members, build your network and learn from each other

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Mentoring Programme

A 12-month programme designed to provide young career aspirants with access to experienced C-Suite Executives to learn, to network and to grow.

Career Support

To assist members in both employment and hiring needs.

Member Privileges

Want more from your membership? The ISCA Members' Privileges Programme has an exclusive list of deals and offers suited for the needs of our members.