What is your Digital Superhero role?

Everyone is a superhero in the digital transformation journey.

This Digital Learning Guide aims to provide guidance on selection of ISCA’s digital related courses to support you and your organisations in the digital transformation journey based on some of the roles you are taking on.

Below are possible roles in the digital transformation journey. Can you match your Role(s) with the relevant Course(s) in the respective Areas?


roles table 3
Course Title  Course CodeCPE Hours Superhero Role

(Role 1)

Transformation Thinker

Big Data & Analytics
Analytics for Accountants and AuditorsDGT057v7🟢
Business Analytics for Strategic and Organizational PerformanceDGT010/DGT010v7🟢
The World of Big Data at your FingertipsDGT065v3.5🟢🟢
Data Analytics Made Easy
Trends with Blockchain
Blockchain, Cryptoassets and ICO Due Diligence DGT016 14🟢🟢
Introduction to Blockchain Technology for Accounting and Finance ProfessionalsDGT017v7🟢🟢
Where is the future of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) heading? 
Future of Currency: Bitcoin & other digital coins
Blockchain & Digital AssetsDGT067vET2🟢🟢
Impact of Fintech
Fintech Regulation in ASEANDGT028v3.5🟢🟢
RegTech, SupTech and its Impact 
on the Legacy Systems of Accounting and Regulatory Reporting
Success of Fintech in Asia and Super AppsDGT062v2🟢🟢
WealthTech, Neo Banks: Where is Digital Wealth Management heading, Accounting Opportunities and RiskDGT063v2🟢🟢
Insights on Emerging Technologies
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the AccountantDGT0317
Understanding and Managing Emerging TechnologiesDGT041/DGT041v7🟢🟢
Facts and Fictions: Navigating the Waves of AIDGT056v3.5
Digital Transformation and InnovationDGT068v3.5🟢🟢
Electronic Payments, Digital Currencies and Cashless EconomiesDGT066vET2.0🟢🟢

Course Title  Course CodeCPE Hours Superhero Role

Data Steward
(Role 3)

Database Administrator
(Role 4)
Excel with Essential Functions
Introduction to Excel for ReportingAER2.07⭐️
Essential Excel Spreadsheet SkillsIT008C/IT008Cv14⭐️
Exploring Excel Features for Efficient 
Data Analysis and Reporting
Time Saving Excel Tips and Tricks for 
Admin /Finance/ HR Professionals
Pivot Table, Charting & Dashboard for Data Organisation & Visualisation
Financial Data Management with Pivot TablesIT021Cv7⭐️⭐️
Interactive Dashboard: Designing Visually Appealing ReportsIT027Cv14⭐️⭐️
Creating Professional Interactive PivotTable and PivotChart Reports Using Excel (Basic Level)IT031A/IT031Av7⭐️⭐️
Creating Professional PivotTable Driven Reports (Basic to Intermediate Level)
Advanced Charting & Visual for Management ReportingIT075v7⭐️⭐️
Data Extraction with SQL
Data Management & Analysis in Excel Using SQLIT022C14

Course Title  Course CodeCPE Hours Superhero Role

Information Security Officer
(Role 5)

Data Protector
(Role 6)
Cyber Threats & Security: Considerations for Risk Management
Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security 
Essential Concepts and Case Studies Tutorials
Cybersecurity Risk - What it means to AuditorsDGT018/DGT018v3.5🔶
Cybersecurity LiteracyDGT048v7🔶
Steps to Develop an Effective Cyber Security StrategyDGT050v3.5🔶
Cyber Insurance: How does Risk Transfer Ensure Effective Savings? DGT051v3.5🔶
Avoiding Cyber Loss: How to Quantify, Analyze and Manage Cyber Risks?DGT052v3.5🔶
Digital FraudE171v7🔶
Evolution of Risk ManagementAC001a7🔶 
ISCA ISRM Certificate
Essentials of Information Systems Risk and Controls (ISRM Part 1)IT086 21🔶
Information Systems Risk Management (ISRM Part 2)IT08514🔶
Data Protection
Personal Data Ethics and ManagementDGT0337
Personal Data Protection Audit & ComplianceDGT0347
Building Capabilities of Managing Personal Data ComplianceDGT0357
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance: Overcoming Potential Issues and Challenges LS040v3.5
Updates to Personal Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2020LS0447
ISCA PDPA Compliance Certificate
WSQ Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (2020)WD01323
PDPA - Risks, Compliance and EthicsLS03924

Course Title  Course CodeCPE Hours Superhero Role
Data Architect
(Role 7)
Number Cruncher Storyteller Duo
(Role 8)
Financial Model Builder
(Role 9)
Application of Data Analytics & Visualisation for Business Decisions
Managing Business Performance  with Business AnalyticsDGT042v7🟪

Work with Data & Generate Data Driven Insights using Advanced Data AnalyticsIT088v14🟪

A Hands-on Approach towards Data Analytics (for Accountants and Analysts)DGT039/ DGT039v 14🟪🟪 
ISCA BAR Certificate Programme
Business Analytics and Reporting BAR2.0 21🟪

Business Analytics and Reporting with Power BIBAR2.128🟪

Advanced Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR)BarPlus15🟪🟪
Analytics x Tableau
Enable Strategic Business Decisions via Scientific Business Analytics and Data VisualizationDGT036/DGT036v14🟪

Data Dashboards for Better Decision-Making DGT044v14🟪

Let's Work on Easy-to-Understand Reports! Effective Data Visualisation and CommunicationWD01216🟪

Analytics x Power BI
Enhancing your Business Analytics Capability with Power BIIT078/IT078v7🟪

Insightful Decisions using Informative Dashboards - Data Visualisation through Power BIIT079v14🟪

Digital Transformation using Power BIDGT0597🟪🟪 
Hands-on with Excel for Financial Modelling, Simulation & Analysis
Business Analysis and Planning: Using Excel What-If Analysis

Financial Modelling & AnalysisIT037v14

Practical Financial Modeling & Analysis with Excel

Excel Budgeting TechniquesIT069/IT069Cv14

Building Interactive Budget Tracking and Variance Analysis Model using ExcelIT077v7

Financial Modelling & Analysis (Part II)IT084v14

Financial Modelling to Support Business Decision-Making

Financial Modelling

Let's Start Coding with Macros & VBA 
Excel Macro FundamentalsIT030C14🟪
Excel Macros 1: An Introduction to Excel Macros for Accounting and Finance ProfessionalsIT036v7🟪
Excel Macros 2: Mastering Excel Objects with VBA for Effective Spreadsheet AutomationIT036Bv7🟪
Excel Macros 1 & 2: Excel Macros WorkshopIT036Cv14🟪
Enhancing Financial Reporting and Analysis with VBA made easy for AccountantsIT083v7

Expand Capability with Power Pivot
Leveraging Power Pivot and Power Query in Microsoft ExcelIT081/IT081v7🟪

Course Title  Course CodeCPE Hours Superhero Role
Business Process Expert
(Role 10)
Robotic Process Automation Lead
(Role 11)
Digital Champion
(Role 12)
Enhance Efficiency with RPA
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for AuditorsDGT04014🔵🔵
Robotics Process AutomationDGT047Bv 7🔵🔵
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Accountants and Finance ProfessionalsDGT04910🔵🔵🔵
Problem Solving with Machine Learning
Problem Solving with Machine LearningDGT047Av7

Applied Machine Learning for AccountantsDGT058v7

RPA x Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process AutomationDGT047Cv14🔵🔵🔵
Get Started with Programming: Python & R
Basic Python for Financial ModellingDGT0437🔵🔵🔵
Get Started with Fundamentals of Python for FinanceDGT053v7🔵🔵🔵
Introduction to Python for Accounting and Finance ProfessionalsIT072/IT072v14🔵🔵🔵
Introduction to R for Excel UsersIT076v7🔵🔵🔵
Python: Its Applications and its Implementation for Accounting and Finance ProfessionalsIT087/IT087v14🔵🔵🔵