CIA Challenge Exam

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The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is offering members of Qualified Accounting Bodies (QABs) a rare opportunity to become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) through a one-part challenge exam. ISCA is one of the professional accounting bodies recognised by The IIA. Join more than 170,000 CIAs worldwide who have achieved this highly respected global certification by earning the CIA designation. Now is the optimum time for CAs working in the field of internal audit to take advantage of the CIA Challenge Exam, which was developed to bridge the gap between the CA and CIA credentials, with an emphasis on the International Professional Practices Framework .

The CIA Challenge Exam offers significant financial savings. The CIA Challenge Exam bundle, priced at US$1,195 for IIA members and US$1,545 for non-IIA members, includes:

  • CIA Challenge Exam application fee
  • CIA Challenge Exam registration fee
  • CIA Challenge Exam Study Guide for Qualified CAs / CPAs and practice questions included within the customised CIA Learning System®
  • Access to the Standards to help you prepare for the exam

For more information about the CIA Challenge Exam and how to apply, please click here. To find out more about IIA Singapore membership, you can contact them at or call  6324 9029.


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The CIA is the only globally accepted designation for internal auditors and the standard by which individuals demonstrate their professionalism in internal auditing. Moreover, earning the CIA designation is more than just proof of what you know and what you have achieved — it’s the best way for auditing professionals to communicate to the world that they are prepared to meet today’s challenges. Adding the CIA credential to your curriculum vitae will differentiate you from your peers and demonstrate that you are:

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IIA Singapore is committed to raising the profile of, and demand for, the internal audit profession.  To accomplish this, IIA Singapore works closely with organisations such as ISCA to help the advancement of the accountancy and internal audit professions.  By offering the CIA Challenge Exam to ISCA members, IIA Singapore continues to demonstrate the uniqueness of internal auditing as a profession and strengthens its strategic partnerships.