Monthly Talks (January to June 2022)

As Singapore's economy gradually picks up amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, what can businesses expect in the year ahead? How will Budget 2022 help businesses in the short and long term? Join us at this popular monthly talk series to hear experts share their insights on the latest business issues.

This series is jointly presented by CPA Australia and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

The Monthly Talk Package will only be available till 29 December 2021.

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The Monthly Talks from January to June 2022 will be held as a Live Webinar. A detailed set of instructions will be sent to you before the session.



4 January | Economic Outlook 2022 (Live Webinar) #

Singapore's economy is projected to grow at a faster rate in 2022. However the outlook could be affected by the lingering threat of a resurgence of Covid-19, supply chain issues globally, and rising inflation. What can businesses expect in the year ahead?

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8 February | Global Minimum Tax (Live Webinar)

Big companies will now need to pay a minimum tax rate of 15 per cent, following a global deal signed to put an end to tax competition between governments. What does this mean for businesses in Singapore?
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1 March | Singapore Budget 2022 - panel discussion (Live Webinar) #

Our panel of experts discuss the impact of new measures announced at Budget 2022. Gain deep insights into how Budget 2022 will help you and your businesses manage short-term challenges and long-term needs.

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5 April | ESG Investments (Live Webinar) 

Audit roles are evolving as new environment, social and governance (ESG) factors gain prominence, and investors seek more accountability and transparency in ESG investments. How can accountants be prepared?
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10 May | Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies (Live Webinar)

Blockchain forms the bedrock for cryptocurrencies, but what are some other practical applications of blockchain? Discover how blockchain has the potential to reshape the way businesses transact.
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7 June | Accounting Standards Update (Live Webinar)

Keep your knowledge on accounting standards current with this update on accounting standards, with a focus on IFRS 9 and Consolidation.
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 Total CPE Hours: 10 

*The Institute reserves the right to amend the programme as deemed necessary without prior notice. #January and March topics will have 2 CPD/CPE hours.