Application Process

ISCA PBA Programme:

The PBA Programme is a 6-month programme designed for the accountancy professionals to enhance competencies in various areas. There is no pre-requisite to enrol for the Programme on its own. Upon completing the PBA Programme, you will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Business Accounting.

ISCA PBA Designation:

If you hold a recognised degree or qualification and with at least 3 years of relevant working experience (post-degree), you may apply for the ISCA PBA designation after completing the PBA Programme. Please kindly note that completing the Programme itself does not entitle you the ISCA PBA designation. The ISCA PBA designation is applied and assessed separately from the Programme. 


ISCA Associate Membership:

The ISCA PBA Programme fee is inclusive of application and first year membership fees for new Associate membership* (*terms and conditions). If you are currently not an ISCA member and fulfill the eligibility criteria of Associate (ISCA), you will be admitted as an Associate (ISCA) once you have registered for the ISCA PBA programme.
For further membership enquiries, please contact

To apply for PBA programme or PBA programme with e2i training grant , refer to the steps below:

  1. Login to your ISCA user account here, then click onto the 'Professional Qualification (PQ) Portal' on the left navigation menu. (Please create a user account online if you do not have one).
  2. Verify and update your personal particulars and employment details at the ‘Edit Profile’ page before you can navigate the Portal.
  3. Please refer to the User Guides below to enrol for the PBA Programme.