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ISCA PBA Programme

The ISCA (PBA) programme is designed to equip accountancy professionals with emerging skill sets and knowledge to handle dynamic business situations by focusing on practical business case.

Aligned to the ISCA Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Framework, this programme provides a comprehensive coverage on five (5) key competencies required of a professional accountant, namely:

  • Future finance
  • Business Acumen
  • Professional Values & Ethics
  • Technical Excellence
  • Leadership and Personal Empowerment

This programme is administered mainly through an e-learning platform which allows busy professional accountants to build skillsets with ease and flexibility.

Upon completion of the ISCA PBA programme, Participants will be able to obtain the following Completion and Award of Certification:

  1. Certificate of Completion for each module will be awarded to each participant who have completed the objective-based assessment.
  2. ISCA Professional Certificate in Business Accounting will be awarded to participants who have completed:
    • The objective-based assessment of all the modules; and
    • The overall objective-based assessment in the ISCA PBA programme
  3. ISCA PBA Designation (subject to eligibility criteria here)

The Professional Business Accountant (PBA) programme must be completed within six (6) months from the date of registration.

There is a total of 23 objective-based assessment from 22 modules and 1 overall assessment.

Participants need to achieve at least 75% correct answers to pass every assessment.
Participants are permitted unlimited attempts for each module and the overall assessment during the enrolled period of six months.

There are virtual and classroom options for the Leadership workshop. You can find them as follow:

The PBA Programme qualifies for a total of 31 CPE hours upon completion and administered mainly through an e-learning platform where participants can learn at their own time.

The all rounded program is based on the PAIB frameworkto equip accountancy professionals with emerging skill sets and knowledge to handle dynamic business situations by focusing on practical business cases.

The Programme fee (inclusive of GST): S$1,400.

Enjoy special price of $1,000* (usual  price $1,400) when you sign up for the ISCA PBA Package. 

*Package fee (inclusive of GST) comprises ISCA PBA Programme enrolment fee, Associate (ISCA) admission fee and annual subscription fee for first year of membership. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

This is a modular programme and all the modules (except for modules under the Future Finance module) are available for individual module sign up under ISCA CPE E-learning Programme. If you are signing up for the modules separately, the overall objective-based assessment will not be applicable. Please click here to sign up for individual module(s).

ISCA PBA Programme with e2i Funding

e2i is a strategic partner of the Workforce Singapore ("WSG") in the provision of employment facilitation assistance to jobseekers, as well as the development and implementation of manpower development programme. WSG provides funding to e2i to operate as an institution and to administer projects and grants on behalf of WSG to companies and workers.

e2i Training Grant for ISCA Professional Business Accountant (PBA) Programme is available for a limited number of company-sponsored and/or self-sponsored applicants (“the participant”).

Eligible participant who qualifies for e2i Training Grant on ISCA PBA Programme at 50% of the total programme cost, $1,308.41 before GST. The payable amount after e2i Training Grant would be S$700 (after GST).

Please see here for more details.

Important Note:

  1. ISCA reserves the right to update the terms and conditions of the funding eligibility criteria at any time.
  2. Please note that the e2i Training Grant is capped at limited number of eligible participants only. ISCA reserves the right to decline applications from eligible participant after the limited number of places are taken up.
  3. In all cases where the participant does not comply to the eligibility criteria and/or fails to submit the requirement documentation (Post Training Self Declaration form), the participant shall be disqualified from receiving the e2i Training Grant and shall repay to ISCA all amounts received under the Grant plus interest on the sum, such interest rate to be determined by ISCA. Such amount shall be repaid within 30 days of the date of a written demand made on the Participant to do so.
ISCA will reach out to you with option to refund the amount paid or register you under the existing promotional package here.

The purpose of the e2i Training Grant is to further the objectives of manpower development and help the accounting and finance professionals in at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Took on new job areas / tasks / projects in current roles; or
  • Job retention; or
  • Promoted / Expanded job roles, or
  • Found new (related) job opportunities

Employer’s involvement is to acknowledge these objectives are met. ISCA reserve the right to reach out to your employers after the application is received by ISCA.

The Post Training Self Declaration form can be verified by your immediate superior or higher, or your company Human Resource personnel. Colleagues who are co-working and/or reporting should not verify the Post Training Self Declaration form.
You can apply for the ISCA PBA Designation under the Professional Business Accountant Pathway. Please note that the Chartered Accountant (Singapore) designation remains the highest form of professional designation conferred by ISCA.

Programme Recognition

Participants who completed the ISCA PBA Programme will be eligible to obtain the ISCA Professional Business Accountant (PBA) designation. Please click here for more information.
Participants who complete the ISCA PBA Programme will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Business Accounting and will be eligible to apply for the ISCA PBA designation.

CPE Compliance

Upon completion of each module within the PBA programme, a certificate of completion comprising the stipulated CPE hours will be generated based on the date of completion. The certificate may be retrieved via login to the ISCA self-service portal, under “My Certificates” section. Upon completing all the modules within the PBA programme, a separate certificate, i.e. “Professional Certificate in Business Accounting” will be awarded.
The CPE hours obtained will count towards meeting the CPE requirement in accordance with the date of completion of each module. For example, for a participant who has enrolled for ISCA PBA Programme in October 2019 and completed 6 hours in the same year, the 6 hours will count towards meeting the CPE requirement in 2019. Subsequently, when the same participant has completed the remaining 24 hours by March 2020, the 24 hours will count towards fulfilling the CPE requirement in 2020.


Please click onto the “Summary” tab of the module within the LMS portal to check the status of each topic. Each topic MUST be ‘Completed’ or ‘Submitted’. Once all topics are marked with either completed/submitted, please click onto the “Summary” tab. Your "Module Status" should now be changed to 'Completed' in the PQ portal.
The results will be released within 3-5 working days after you have completed/attended each module. Your Module Grade will be updated from ‘Pending Module Grade’ to ‘Pass’ after the result was released.    
Your staff (corporate candidate) must first create an eServices Account after being prompted with an auto-generated email sent to him/her after your initial application. Additionally, he/she must fill in the ‘Person Details’ and ‘Employment History’ fields by clicking onto “Professional Qualification (PQ) Portal” after creating an eServices account. After these steps are done, you will be able to find the name of your staff under ‘Employee Selection’.
Module certificate(s) will be available for download once payment is received from your company. ISCA reserves the right to withhold your certificate(s) if full payment has not been received for the programme/module enrolled.
Your graduation certificate will be available for you to download once payment is received from your company. ISCA reserves the right to withhold your certificate(s) if full payment has not been received for the programme/module enrolled.