Fueling Sustainable Ecosystems – Insights From the Financial Services Sector

This publication shares insights from the financial services sector on why businesses should begin on the sustainability journey now or risk being left behind. 

As a key provider of capital to businesses, financial institutions have a significant and unique role in advancing the sustainable development of entire economies. In addition, they are also forerunners in pursuing sustainable development. As such, the considerations of the financial institutions are both impactful and relevant to the rest of the ecosystem, and businesses need to take their views into consideration seriously in setting out corporate strategies and decisions.

The publication first shares developments and perspectives from the financial services sector, before drawing the relevance that these have on the rest of the sustainability ecosystem. The publication also highlights considerations for businesses which are beginning on the sustainability journey and shares actionable insights.

In developing this publication, insights have been gathered from individuals in the financial services sector and subject matter experts from ISCA’s Sustainability and Climate Change Committee. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the contributions rendered.

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