COVID-19 Special


COVID-19 Special: Implications of COVID-19 on Businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink their strategies very quickly. In many cases, businesses have had to adopt digital solutions to accommodate remote working, restore broken supply chains and maintain similar levels of service delivery just to remain afloat. This article examines the implications of COVID-19 on businesses, and what they can do to remain competitive.

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COVID-19 Special: How Businesses Can Respond During COVID-19

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is likely to send many advanced economies into recession this year. Apart from responding to immediate challenges, businesses must plan for an extended difficult period ahead, at least beyond a year. The article provides summarised insights from scenario planning that can help businesses to mitigate risks, to action plans including defensive strategies and offensive strategies.

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COVID-19 Special: Repositioning for the New Reality

The best approach to navigate the Covid-19 crisis and subsequent recovery will differ according to the unique circumstances of each business. One thing is for sure – businesses need to be very deliberate in planning for recovery. We explore how businesses can re-think assumptions regarding business practices, prepare themselves to bounce back stronger in the new business environment, and consider how their business and/or operating model would change given the new reality.

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