ICAEW Pathways to Membership

This scheme enables qualified CA (Singapore) to be admitted as ICAEW members upon completion of an examination of experience.


To be eligible, applicants must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Be a current and fully qualified member holding the CA (Singapore) or FCA (Singapore) designation;
  • Have at least five years of full membership;
  • Gained the ISCA membership through the normal education and training route, i.e. completed the final examination of a recognised qualification (as opposed to through any kind of reciprocal membership agreement or full or advanced credit/exemption arrangement);
  • Compliant with ISCA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements;
  • A member in good standing with a good disciplinary record and no outstanding complaints against you; and
  • Have an eligible sponsor support your application - This must be an individual who holds current membership of a professional body that is a full IFAC member body and who knows you, and who is in good standing, is compliant with the CPD requirements of that body and who has a good disciplinary record with no complaints outstanding against them.

More details of this pathway can be found here.

Interested members may contact the ICAEW Pathways team for clarification.