QA Advisory Team

The QA Advisory Team comprises a QA Advisor and a Senior QA Advisor. The QA Advisor will carry out the review of the Public Accountant’s signed off engagement file(s) and prepares the draft QAR Report.

The role of the Senior QA Advisor is to review the findings and preliminary proposed action plans drafted by the QA Advisor.

Each QAR engagement is allocated to a dedicated QA Advisor and a Senior QA Advisor based on relevant industry experience.

QA Advisor

The QA Advisor is a qualified non-practising Chartered Accountant who is employed by ISCA and has extensive audit experience in public accounting firms.

Senior QA Advisor

The Senior QA Advisors Panel (“Panel”) is made up of more than 10 Advisors by invitation only. The Panel consists of Public Accountants with approximately 20 years of public accounting experience with diverse background and expertise.

Public Accountants who are willing to contribute and render your support to ISCA‘s effort to continuously help Public Accountants, in particularly the Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs), kindly contact and email a copy of your CV for our attention.