Advertise with ISCA

Advertise with ISCA

ISCA is proud to have an outreach of over 32,400 members, majority of whom are CEOs, CFOs, Financial Controllers, business owners and audit and accountancy professionals. As the definitive standard-bearers of competence and excellence in the fields of accounting, finance and business, they are highly sought after in diverse business sectors.

In reaching out to our members, ISCA produces various communication channels which offer extensive advertising avenues and exposure to promote your brand, products and service offerings. The following channels are how you can reach out to the accountancy profession:

  1. The IS Chartered Accountant Journal

    The official monthly publication of ISCA delivers varied accounting and business related topics tailored to the audit and accountancy professionals. The publication comes in both print and online editions. The journal reaches out to 28,000 members locally and internationally. Beyond our members, the journal is available to subscribers and reaches academics, government officials and regulators. 

  2. ISCA Website Banners

    Located prominently on the ISCA’s corporate homepage that receives more than 400,000 page views per month, the website banners offer advertisers immense attention to your brand with a captive audience of at least 100,000 local and overseas visitors monthly.

  3. ISCA Weekly (E-Newsletter)

    A weekly electronic direct mailer, the ISCA Weekly contains rich content that are written in bite-sized news and updates that reaches our members on all matters pertaining to the accountancy profession. This e-newsletter contains updates and information on ISCA activities, seminars and CPE training classes coupled with news and technical articles on accountancy related matters.

For more information on advertising opportunities, please contact:

Bold Ink Magazines Pte Ltd
Jacqueline Wong
Tel: 6223-4258
Hp: 9790-0905

Download the advertising rate card here.