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Find out about the eligibility criteria and conditions of the ISCA Cares Bursary.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For Universities: Disbursement of up to S$3,000 in support of living expenses plus up to 50% of awardee’s tuition fee for academic year.
  • For Polytechnics: Disbursement of up to S$3,000 in support of living expenses plus up to 100% of awardee’s tuition fee for academic year.

To be awarded the Bursary, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Singapore citizen (SC) or permanent resident (PR) pursuing or has been admitted to his/her first full-time Accountancy diploma/degree course in a local polytechnic/university
  • Per Capita Income (PCI)** of S$690 and below
  • Display academic potential and commitment to completing their Accountancy diploma/degree course in a local polytechnic/university
    • Minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average or equivalent, based on a 4-point scale
  • Living in a HDB four-room flat (or equivalent) or a smaller unit
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and community spirit
  • Must be of good character and conduct



  1. Per Capita Income (MCPI)** =  Total Gross Monthly Income of ALL family members^/ Number of family members^ 
    ^ Family members living together in the same household, as reflected on the NRIC.

  2. Definition of Total Gross Monthly Income
  • Includes employee’s CPF contributions, income contributions from self-employment, business or salaried employment which include basic salary, allowances, overtime pay and other sources of income such as rent, alimony, pension, etc
  • If bonuses are declared, it should be computed as one twelfth of the annual wage supplements and bonuses received in the last twelve months.
  • The monthly financial support from divorced/separated parent or spouse such as alimony and contributions to support children/ household should be included.
  • National Service (NS) allowance earned by NSF is excluded.


    • Recipient may not concurrently hold another bursary/ scholarship/ award except for government assistance schemes. 
    • The ISCA Cares bursary is tenable for one academic year. The bursary falls under the ISCA Cares Education Programme that aims to provide needy applicants with access to an accountancy education.  Therefore, the bursary award amount allocated should be utilised first to offset tuition fees payable. A fresh declaration of the eligibility criteria is required each academic year. 
    • Academic performance will be reviewed for annual eligibility assessment. 
    • Recipient must complete the course of accountancy study within the following stipulated duration, unless there is a valid reason which should be disclosed to and approved by ISCA Cares: 
      - Polytechnic: 3 years from the point of admittance into the course
      - University: course duration as set by the university 
    • Recipient will be assigned to a mentor for mentoring programme. The mentoring programme will be administered by ISCA Cares. 
    • Recipient may be assigned to corporations for internship programme unless he/she opts out with reasons, subject to approval by ISCA Cares. Should recipient choose not to intern at the assigned corporation, the recipient will need to inform ISCA Cares at the start of the bursary term and provide reasons for ISCA Cares’ review. 
    • Financial assistance may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of ISCA Cares, the recipient’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory. 
    • Interviews will be held for shortlisted candidates and outcomes will be informed by school in writing.

    Repayment & Bonds

    No repayment is required. 

    • However, the full amount of bursary received must be refunded if the recipient withdraws from school or has terminated his/her studies during the academic year unless there is a valid reason approved by the ISCA Cares Board of Directors.

    No bonds attached. 

    • When called upon to, recipient may be asked to represent ISCA Cares and / or sponsor in the role of student ambassador, or any other similar role.

    How to Apply

    Apply via School

    • Contact your school for more details and to submit your application.

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