ISCA Committees


The Executive Committee (EXCO) comprises the office bearers and one other Council member as appointed by the Council and acts as the executive arm of the Council.

EXCO meets in alternate months to the Council meetings, acting on behalf of the Council on matters that arise in between Council meetings.

Mr Kon Yin Tong (President)
Ms Yvonne Chan Mei Chuen (Vice-President)
Mr Roger Tay Puay Cheng (Treasurer)
Mr Kelvin Tan Wee Peng (Secretary)
Mr Shariq Barmaky


The Nominations Committee assists the Council in sourcing and identifying candidates for internal and external appointments including candidates for election to the Council. It reviews and makes recommendations to the Council on the appointments to various ISCA committees.

Mr Frankie Chia (Chairman)
Mr Kon Yin Tong
Mr Kwok Wui San
Ms Lee Shi Ruh
Mr Kelvin Tan Wee Peng
Mr Roger Tay
Mr Christopher Wong


The Audit Committee plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the financial statements through its oversight of the Institute’s financial reporting process, the internal control system and the audit function.

Another role of the committee includes the review of the annual financial statements prior to approval by the Council, as well as the evaluation of significant findings arising from the audit.

Mr Shariq Barmaky (Chairman)
Associate Professor Choo Teck Min
Mr Marcus Lam


The Auditing and Assurance Standards Committee (AASC) develops Singapore’s auditing and assurance standards and monitors standards-related policy and implementation issues, giving consideration to the need for guidance. AASC also takes a lead role in advocating the views of the profession in Singapore to influence the development of international standards.


Mr Hans Koopmans (Chairman)
Mr James Xu Jun (Dy Chairman)
Ms Narissa Chen
Mr Jonathan Chiang
Mr Chin Chee Choon
Ms Susan Foong
Mr Gregory Ho Teik Tiong 
Mr Balasubramaniam Janamanchi
Mr William Ng
Ms Woo E-Sah
Ms Yeow Hui Cheng

Public Members

Associate Professor El'fred Boo
Mr Basil Chan
Mr Adrian Cheong (Alternate: Ms Stacey Tee)
Ms Jenn Ho
Ms Lee Imm
Ms Khong Beng Yen (Alternate: Ms Chen Sze Leng)
Mr Koh Yeong Kheng
Mr Ashley Seow 
Associate Professor Tan Wee Cheng
Associate Professor Joanne Tay Siok Wan


Ms Kuldip Gill (ACRA)
Ms Ng Meow Ling (ACRA)
Mr Alvin Ou (ACRA)


The Banking and Finance Committee works closely with the banks and financial institutions as well as regulatory authorities to address accounting, auditing and regulatory issues affecting the banking and finance industry. This typically involves deliberating and providing comments on proposed changes in accounting and auditing standards as well as regulatory requirements affecting the industry.

It also collaborates with various regulatory authorities for the issue of guidance on additional procedures to be performed by the auditors in connection with industry-specific reporting requirements and on the form and content of such reports.

Mr Lian Wee Cheow (Chairman)
Ms Ang Suat Ching (Dy Chairperson)
Mr Chow Khen Seng
Mr Antony M Eldridge
Mr Ian Hong
Ms Venetia Lau
Ms Christine Lee
Mr Hong Teck Khiam
Mr Seow Chong Howe, Gabriel
Mrs Ong Ai Boon
Mr Peter See
Mr Tang Chek Keng
Mr Tay Boon Suan
Mr Gerard Toh
Ms Wong Sin Huey
Ms Yong Chuk Kwin
Ms Serena Yong

The CFO Committee provides guidance on initiatives to foster the development of finance professionals and promote the relevance of having finance professionals who are CA (Singapore). The Committee also provides direction and gathers feedback on relevant issues including new laws, regulations, standards and guidelines affecting finance professionals.

Mr Choo Chek Siew (Chairman)
Ms Eleana Tan (Dy Chairperson)
Mr Chan Ying Jian
Mr Kenneth Cheung
Mr Dennis Chia
Mr Chua Hwee Song
Ms Chua Siew Hwi
Ms Lee Kai Nee
Mr Andrew Lim
Mr Phua Jian Zhai, Alex
Mr Darren Tan Siew Peng
Ms Wong Kar Ling
Ms Esther Wee Yu


The Corporate Finance Committee works closely with regulatory authorities, corporate finance and investment banking organisations to address issues relating to corporate finance. This typically involves seeking the views of relevant stakeholders and providing inputs on matters pertaining to accounting and auditing standards, consultations papers to international standard setters and regulatory requirements affecting the profession.

Ms Rebekah Khan (Chairperson)
Mr Chan Yew Kiang
Mr Leonard Ching Tchi Pang
Mr Goh Chyan Pit
Mr Barry Lee
Mr Peter Leong Hon Mun
Mr Ong Hwee Li
Ms Doreen Quek
Ms Tay Hwee Ling
Mr Yeo Boon Chye


A key objective of the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee is to stress the importance of corporate governance and risk management issues, as well as promote fairness, transparency and accountability in the conduct of business to our members and the general public.

Ms Seah Gek Choo (Chairperson)
Mr Ang Fui Siong
Mr Ch’ng Choon Huat
Ms Fang Eu-Lin
Mr Victor Lai Kuan Loong
Mr Dennis Lee Hock Leong
Mr Willy Leow Chee Hwee
Professor Lawrence Loh
Ms Lisa Ooi
Mr Punjabi Rajesh Hiranand
Mr Sujith Sivaram
Mr David Yeong


The Sustainability and Climate Change Committee promotes the relevance of sustainability, climate change and related advances to business strategy and the accountant’s role in advancing these agenda. It also furthers the adoption of quality sustainability reporting and advocates Singapore’s interests in relation to sustainability reporting standards and requirements.

Mr Tan Wah Yeow (Chairman)
Ms Fang Eu-Lin
Ms Giam Ei Leen
Mr Ian Hong
Mr Krishna Sadashiv
Mr Tan Boon Gin
Mr Henry Tan Song Kok
Ms Yeo Lian Sim
Mr Simon Yeo


The Continuing Professional Education Committee (CPEC) provides strategic guidance on the value and relevance of ISCA Continuing Professional Education programmes (CPE), taking into consideration future jobs and skills.

Ms Lai Chin Yee (Chairperson)
Ms Yvonne Chan 
Ms Chong Cheng Yuan
Mr Lee Boon Teck
Mr Lee Jeng Wah James
Mr Mike Lim
Mr Lim Tze Chern
Mr Neo Sing Hwee
Mr Ng Jun Liang Kevin
Associate Professor Patricia Tan Mui Siang
Mr Wong Nee Tat
Ms Yiong Yim Ming


The Ethics Committee adapts and adopts the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued by the IESBA for the Institute’s use as the ISCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. It also aims to provide support to help address ethical issues faced by professional accountants in business and to raise awareness and promote acceptance of the Ethics Committee’s ethical standards and guidance among stakeholders.

Mr Tan Seng Choon (Chairman)
Mr Sajjad Akhtar
Mr G. Arull
Associate Professor El'fred Boo
Ms Lorraine Chay Yeow Mei
Mr Gregory Ho Teik Tiong 
Ms Lee Bee Leng
Mr Lim Tze Yuen
Mr Abdul Jabbar Bin Karam Din
Mr Balasubramaniam Janamanchi
Mr Khong Yew Cheong
Mr Amos Ng
Mr Malcolm Ramsay
Mr Soh Kok Leong
Mr Tan Kuang Hui


The Financial Forensic Accounting Oversight Committee provides oversight over the governance of the ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting (FFA) Qualification which includes considering, advising, approving and endorsing policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to the administration of the Qualification. The Committee also advises and endorses the professional competencies of the ISCA Financial Forensic Professional credential applicants.

Mr Lem Chin Kok (Chairman)
Mr Tan How Choon (Dy Chairman)
Mr Murali Pillai
Ms Seow Hwee Koon
Mr Chan Kheng Tek
Ms Lee King See
Ms Loretta Yuen


The Financial Reporting Committee proactively engages industry groups and other organisations on financial reporting topics and issues in Singapore. Robust discussions are also held by the Committee and its subcommittees on emerging topics and issues. The Committee also reaches out to the accounting profession to raise public awareness and issue guidance to assist the professional in overcoming application challenges of accounting standards.

Mr Reinhard Klemmer (Chairman)
Mr Chen Voon Hoe (Dy Chairman)
Ms Chan Yen San
Ms Cheng Ai Phing
Professor Cheng Qiang
Mr Philip Fong
Ms Annette Foo Wai Yin
Mr Goh Swee Hong
Mr Aylwin How
Mr Raymond Kong
Mr Joseph Lam
Mr Lie Kok Keong
Ms Sue Lightfoot
Ms Lim Sio Hoon
Mr Ng Kian Hui
Mr Ng Choon Kiat
Ms Soh Lin Leng
Ms Eliza Tan
Mr Tan Boon Siong
Ms Tan Yong Choo
Mr Gajendran Vyapuri
Mr Wong Koon Min
Mr Wong Yew Chung


The fundamental objective of the Financial Statements Review Committee (FSRC) is to promote high quality corporate financial reporting and raise the standard of the accountancy profession in Singapore. It executes this by reviewing audited accounts of listed and non-listed companies and identify areas where the recognition, measurement, presentation or content of the accounts falls short of compliance with the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRSs) and the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSAs).

Mr James Xu Jun (Chairman)
Ms Yvonne Chiu (Dy Chairperson)
Mr Kevin Ohng (Dy Chairman)
Ms Susan Foong
Mr Goh Swee Hong
Mr Adrian Loo
Mr Poh Chin Beng
Ms Soh Lin Leng
Ms Angeline Tan
Ms Tan Peck Yen
Ms Yeow Hui Cheng
Ms Yong Zen Yun


The Infrastructure & Project Finance Oversight Committee provides oversight over the governance of the ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Qualification (ISCA IPFQ) which includes considering, advising, approving and endorsing policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to the administration of the Qualification. The Committee also advises and make recommendations for the conferment of the ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) credential applicants.

Ms Lynn Tho (Co-Chairperson)
Ms Audra Low (Co-Chairperson)
Mr Kelvin Wong Wai Hung
Mr Kok Chee Wai
Mr Seth Tan
Mr Lawrence Wu
Mr David T Boyland


The Insolvency & Restructuring Practitioners Committee deals with issues, laws and regulations pertaining to the insolvency and restructuring industry. It also seeks to advocate and promote the professional accountant’s interests in relation to insolvency and restructuring and, where appropriate, take a leading role in representing these interests.

Ms Angela Ee (Chairperson)
Mr Sam Kok Weng (Dy Chairman)
Mr Aw Eng Hai
Mr Justin Lim
Ms Lim Siew Soo
Mr Lin Yueh Hung
Mr Gary Loh
Mr Martin Wong


The Insurance Committee advises the Institute on accounting and auditing matters relating to the insurance industry. It also works with both regulatory authorities and insurance associations on such matters, and where appropriate, makes recommendations on such matters to the regulatory bodies.

Mr David Waller (Chairman)
Mr G.Arull
Ms Chai Siow Peng
Mr Adrian Chua
Mr Howard Goh
Ms Celina Goh
Mr Kevin Ohng
Mr Philip Shin
Mr Tay Siang Leng
Mr Vijay Krishnan Sukavanam
Ms Yap Swee Gek


The Investment Committee recommends to Council on the Institute’s investment policy, investment approach and asset allocation, and monitors the compliance of the Institute’s investments in accordance to the investment policy. The Investment Committee also oversees the selection and appointment of external investment/fund managers and evaluates/monitors the performance of the fund managers and the risks associated with the investments decisions.

Mr Darren Tan Siew Peng (Chairman)
Ms Lee Shi Ruh
Mr Marcus Lam
Mr Kelvin Tan Wee Peng


The IS Chartered Accountant Journal Editorial Advisory Panel provides guidance to the editorial team on the character and direction of the journal, defines the editorial’s focus and coverage, and plays a significant role as informed sources on emerging accountancy and business issues and opportunities to enhance the content of the journal.

Mr Kon Yin Tong (Chairman)
Associate Professor Chng Chee Kiong
Associate Professor Foo See Liang
Associate Professor Koh Wei Chern
Associate Professor Lee Kin Wai
Associate Professor Kevin Ow Yong Keng
Mr Phua Yung Keat
Ms Tashna Rajah
Mr Vincent Toong


The Committee is responsible for reviewing existing admission requirements and membership matters. It makes recommendations to the Council on the admission of new members, membership reclassifications, resignations and reinstatements as well as advises the Council on related membership matters from time to time.

Mr Frankie Chia Soo Hien (Chairman)
Adjunct Professor Chan Yoke Kai
Ms Lai Chin Yee
Ms Lelaina Lim
Mr Christopher Wong


The Public Accounting Practice Committee (PAPC) deals with issues relating to the public accounting profession, especially matters affecting Small and Medium Practices (SMPs); participates in dialogue sessions with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and other relevant authorities, and assists in other related ad hoc assignments.

Ms Khoo Gaik Suan, Irene (Chairperson)
Ms Cheong Kum Foong
Mr Goh Sia
Mr Heng Yeow Meng, Michael
Mr Michael Kee Cheng Kong
Mr Lee Eng Kian
Mr Lee Mong Sheong
Mr Jason Lee
Mr John Lim
Mr Mak Keat Meng
Ms Lynn Phang
Ms Helen Sim
Mr Helmi Bin Ali Bin Talib
Ms Teoh Poh Leng
Ms Teo Li Ling


The role of the Singapore Monitoring Committee (SMC) is to develop and maintain a process of submitting, on behalf of ASEAN citizens who are members of ISCA [CA (Singapore) and Associate (ISCA)], applications to be approved as ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountants (ASEAN CPA) under the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Accountancy Services.

Mr Kon Yin Tong (Chairman)
Mr Lee Fook Chiew (Deputy Chairman)
Adjunct Professor Chan Yoke Kai
Mr Frankie Chia Soo Hien


The Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC) was established in June 2012 with a view to contribute to the strategy, operations and initiatives of ISCA from the perspectives of our young members who are 35 years and below. New initiatives will be rolled out to further reach and engage this target group.

Ms Belinda Teo (Chairperson) 
Ms Maria Teo (Dy Chairperson)
Mr Ang Zan Yu
Ms Katherine Ang Li Nah
Mr Cheng Kiang Yung Terence
Ms Chong Shu Hui Jean
Mr Goh Hong Chuan
Mr Goh Kai Yi
Ms Goh Siew Min
Mr Lee Jianwen
Mr David Lim Xixiang
Mr Lye Jiaming Wesley
Mr Nithin Nagarajan
Mr See Wei Ren, Malcolm
Mr Tai WeiLi Willy
Mr Teo Eng Siong
Ms Tew Wan Leng, Athena
Mr Wang Guangzhao


Mr Don Wee Boon Hong

The Membership Growth and Engagement Committee provides strategic oversight and guidance in acquiring new members and retaining of existing members for the Institute. It will also formulate programmes to keep members engaged at regular intervals.
Ms Yvonne Chan (Chairperson)
Dr Timothy Chan
Mr Clarence Goh
Mr Goh Kia Hong
Mr Liaw Chun Huan
Ms Shirley Lim
Ms Judy Ng
Ms Seah Gek Choo
Mr Paul Tan
Ms Belinda Teo
Ms Susan See Toh
Ms Veron Wong


Technology Advisory Panel comprises technological experts and ISCA members who have experience in the technology space, from which the Institute can draw members from the Panel based on their areas of expertise to form taskforces to advise on specific projects or matters from time to time.

Mr Ch’ng Choon Huat
Mr Andrew Koh
Mr Alan Lim Kok Eng
Mr Laurence Liew
Mr Ng Cheng Hwa
Mr Kevin Ng Jun Liang
Mr Patrick Tan Teck Keong
Mr Danny Yap Choh Tat
Ms Yik Yeng Yee
Mr Thomas Zipperle