Annual Report 2020/2021

ISCA continues to grow from strength to strength and our annual reports communicate the progress we made on our performance to achieve our strategic vision. Our annual reports share an in-depth view of our initiatives and activities developed to serve the diverse needs of our members.

The Annual Report 2020/2021 and Financial Statements are available now.


Deeply Committed, Fully Engaged


For centuries, the undersea world has captivated many intrepid explorers, be it for recreational, commercial or scientific reasons.

The ocean represents a universe waiting to be explored, but it requires careful preparation and specialised capabilities to venture into an environment that is as fascinating as it is mysterious and uncertain. Furthermore, humans are not anatomically suited for conditions below the sea’s surface, and therefore have to rely on proven tools, technologies and techniques to adapt to potential hazards and extreme environments underwater.

In the same way that certified divemasters train aspiring divers and prepare them for the underwater world, ISCA equips members to be future-ready by providing the resources they need to navigate the increasingly complex and volatile business environment.